The Double 'Convenient Season' gift Pack, include: 1- 'Winter of Faith' Candle with the scent of: 'Lemongrass & Sage' with a 15 Hour Burn duration. With 1- 'Winter of Faith' Motivational Card pack, These cards are to Inspire you to hold the promises that are yours. This is the perfect pack for when your mind, Just can't answer the questions of your soul. 

Plus  1- 'Autumn of Trust' Candle with the scent of: 'Autumn Leaves' that has a Burn duration of at least 15 hours. With 1- 'Autumn of Trust' Motivational Card pack, These cards are for helping you focus on all that is Important and present in your life right now. 

The Double 'Appointed Season', Gift pack is perfect for anyone who loves AUTUMN & WINTER!

Double 'Convenient Season' Gift Pack