This Book Writing Course-

In 2017 I wrote and self published my first book "The Unhappy Smile", which became a huge success. It sold in 6 different Countries and I ended up travelling for 2 years on Invitations to speak on the book. I believe many of us have books inside of us, some great novels and some educational. In this course we will cover;

* What the book is about

*Plot line and meaning...

*Chapters and book layout

*How to construct a story

*The main focus in the book

*Getting the book celebrity Endorsed 

*Self publish or use a publisher

*Editing and proof reading


Next Course dates:

Start Date: Thursday 16th April

10-12pm or 6:30-8:30pm

5 week course - End Date:

Thursday the 28th May 2020


Upfront Cost: $99 one off fee

Plus $20 per weel for the 5 week duration.

total of $ 199 over 5 week period. 


Book Writing Course


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