This Is Me

I often find myself thinking about “who I am” “what makes me, me” and no matter how long I take on the subject, whether I take it with a funny approach or a serious one, I always end at the same conclusion – I am who I am meant to be.

The freest place anyone of us can get to is a place of “Non Compete”, where we realise that we can’t compete against each other because we are so different.

We live in a world where we are offered all sorts of examples to mimic, fashion trends tell us how to look, standing out seems impossible, yet its exactly what you we were born to do.

The no compete clause for your life states:

· You are impossible to understand all the time, because you are always growing and changing.

· You are both easy and hard to love because you are always growing deeper with your heart.

· What motivates you one day, can be unimportant the next because you are always feeling the world you live in.

· You are hard to agree with all the time as you are always changing your opinions , as you learn more every day.

· You are unable to be boxed in, labelled or excused, because just when we think we know you, you mature to another level of your life.

· Your path in life matches no one else’s , it’s your to walk, to do and while many will walk with you and love you, YOUR life is your responsibility

Anyone who gets to be in your life, is in the presence of a one of a kind creation, the likes of, they can never find again.

So, maybe we need to rest in our uniqueness and realise that just being us , makes us completely who we should be.

And I am convinced that the best day of anyone’s life, is when we wake up and realise “ I am free, I am me, I am who I am meant to” because you’ll be free and everyone else will be too.


Living Your Authentic Life

Tracey x

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