India has my Heart

They say that the beauty of India is found in it's people and my

experience certainly proved that to be true.

No one goes to India to enjoy the driving, the driving, that can

only be described as chaotic, they do not give way, they do not

indicate, they just toot and keep coming, I was often laughing in

the back of the car with my girlfriends about what we were

seeing, on a 3 lane road they made 7 lanes, motorbikes driving

the opposite way to cars and a tok tok full of people right beside


India also has a profound spirituality that seems to open your

heart as soon as you arrive, it calls to the deepest part of you to

allow the universe to just meet with you.

India has so much I could talk about, vibrant fabrics, beautiful

scenery, rich food but for me it was the contrast of poverty that

the universe seemed to want to show me.

We were on our way to the hotel straight from the airport

when we stopped at the lights and a young girl appeared with a

baby on her hip, she was no older than my granddaughter, 12 at

the most, she approached the car, knocked on the window and

opened her hand saying repeatedly in Indian "please, please"

As I turned to look our eyes met and I was confronted with the

biggest reality humanity ever faces, how do we help?

The driver was quick to explain that even if we gave her money,

the mafia would take it off her and that we shouldn't wind down

the windows for our own safety.

I wasn't really listening I was looking into eyes of the baby, who

looked so empty, so blank, so lost, and my eyes welled with tears.

I was hit with such a sense that there was nothing I could do,

that even if I got out of the car and took them to breakfast,

bought them new clothes and rented them an apartment, I

would still leave and then everything would go back to exactly

like it was today.

It's so confronting to see despair in children, after all aren't they

are future? If they have no hope, do any of us? How do you just

drive off and live it?

The mystery of life is that no one of us can do it all, trust me if

they could I would have. But, the question this little baby asks us

constantly is, what can we do ?

We can be us, we can find room in our every day normal lives to

touch a heart, change a life, leave a mark, take a stand, just live

making the most out of everyday with a view to helping and

loving those you can.

When I finally go to my resting place I want my tombstone to

read "she carried all of humanity in her heart."

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