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Knowing your Chapters, Ebook by Tracey Horton

Life is a book, and at the end of it, people will read a stunning story. As we walk through life there are two things guaranteed to be the same for every person's story. First, you will go through many, many different chapters and secondly you alone, will decide the outcome every time. This book is the map to navigating through every chapter of your life and making the most of your brilliant story. 


About Tracey Horton

Tracey Horton is an International award-winning speaker, author, and qualified life coach. She has worked alongside men and women for over 25 years helping to rebuild lives and allowing people to become the best versions of themselves. She has spent years helping people to create their own authentic journey.


Tracey knows her community and the needs of people. Knowing what real brokenness is she has managed to build her life from that of an alcoholic, abused, poverty-stricken child to where she is today…a passionate, warm, caring and amazing woman. Her experiences have given her insight and wisdom that are today being used to help people create the life they could only dream of.


Through books, seminars, retreats and life coaching, Tracey has a way of equipping people to practically reach their goal and live their life to their fullest potential.


Tracey has a strong marriage of 30 years to Paul, she has four beautiful daughters, 9 grandkids and has called the Gold Coast home since 1995.


There are not many people in this world that after just moments in their presence, you feel changed! Tracey is a gift and will help you find your way through the wreckage to the life you deserve and never thought possible.



Tracey is one of those people that upon meeting within 5 minutes you feel like you have known her for a lifetime. She has a unique ability to make you feel comfortable, at ease and un-judged. It’s an honesty and integrity that is so rarely found in this world that when you do find it… you want more of it. My wish is that more people get to hear the love and hope that Tracey Spreads.